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    Recycling is the next big environmental issue for businesses
    How do we break down a linear flow of resources and replace it with a circular alternative?
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    Blog: It´s important to be proactive, have the solution before it´s recognized as a problem by the customer
    With extensive experience in both the purchase and sales area, Josefine Mendel has found a platform ...
    An hub to develope innovative benchmark digital workplace services
    Xllnc International gathers the key areas for successful digitaliziation; strategy, leadership, ...
    “The challenge is not ignorance, it´s our preconceived ideas.”
    Xllnc Product Manager Carl-Magnus Nilsson on the importance of asking the right questions to optimize the digital workplace
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    "We are very happy about our partnership with Xllnc. As companys we operate from a clean sheet design while still having compliance with older systems. We can offer a complex market a leading service."
    Mette Vilborg Senior Channel Sales Manager Nordic, One Q (Former Ubiquitech)