Manage your Office IT as a service

Get back your time, capital, and resources with Device As A Service and focus on what you do best. 


Free up internal IT resources by using us to take care of  configuration, deployment, management and disposal of your hardware. 


You will no longe be stuck with obsolete hardware especially as technologcal innovation continues to outpace the average life span of devices.

circular economy

Products are made, used then returned instead of being discarded and consigned to waste.

pay per month

The DaaS model allows you to shift large IT budget allocations to more managable cash flows over a planned period of time.

happy employees

With DaaS subsciption you always have access to the latest technology and avoid costly repairs and productivity delays from aged devices.

What we do

What we do

Xllnc have a complete service offering across IT Lifecycle Management. Enabling companies to take complete control over the ICT assets flow which unlock the full value of each asset.

We support our offer by a fully integrated end to end life cycle management platform build on best in class integration possibilities with smart open API’s (Powered by ServiceNow). Together with a modular, scalable and sustainable approach our service is highly regarded by large enterprise organization with local to global presence.