About us

Our vision is to simplify and create control of the entire IT management, always with an environmental focus and the goal to develop our customers' business.

Our approach

Xllnc Nordic vision is to simplify and create control of the entire IT management, always with an environmental focus and the goal to develope our customers' business.

We are specialised in the so necessary IT services that evolve around the individual employee's workplace; PCs, tablets, phones and, of course, print.

Independent IT company

Xllnc Nordic is an independent IT company which means that we offer solutions tailored to our customers' businesses and needs. We are not locked to any specific hardware or software, but recommend, deliver and manage what is best for our customer.

Cost effective, secure and environmentally friendly

Our service portfolio comprises solutions for the whole and/or parts of large company's IT management. Xllnc Nordic digital offers solutions for lifecycle management where each device is attached to employee and cost place. This minimizes the risk of information leakage, the device will be erased on all information at the end of it´s life cycle and will also prevents unnecessary environmental impact due to 95% of all computers are recycled.

Xllnc Nordic has simplified the daily life for 250 000 people in large companies and Government agencies across a range of industries. We usually call them Workplace Heroes.

All our employees are industry-experienced, committed and passionate about finding the smart and simple solutions. We do it always on our proven ways, The Xllnc Way.

What we do

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