Welcome to Xllnc Preben Stub, our new Product Manager for AV & Accessories

· Your background is Product Manager, why did you choose that particular path?


It was a natural development with my first employer in the IT-industry, ASUS. I’m a “geek” with a deep-rooted personal interest in gadgets and technology, always keeping up with the trends and innovations in the industry and wanting to understand how things work. I started out in the marketing department, and later moved on to being an account-manager for a selection of Nordic distributors and also Product Manger for a selection of ASUS’ product-categories. When I started at Ingram Micro I was employed as a Product Manager for computer components and later took on the challenge of being a purchaser. I enjoyed being a Product Manager a lot more, and went back to that when I was employed as a Product Manager for computer components and accessories at ALSO, a position I held for 9 years before starting here at Xllnc.


· What were you doing before you got into the IT industry?


I entered the IT industry when I moved to Sweden from Norway in 2005. Prior to that I worked for a small engineering company in Norway that developed and manufactured subsea-instruments for the oil & gas industry. Not exactly the same fast-paced, ever-evolving environment that I’ve grown to love in the IT industry. A great experience, but not really my cup of tea…


· Why did you choose Xllnc?

I have experience from the manufacturer-side (ASUS) and distributor-side (Ingram Micro and ALSO), but no experience from the reseller-side of the business. My past has also been mostly (although not entirely) from the e-tail/retail side of things, and I thought that going to a reseller working solely on the B2B side would be a great next step in my career to broaden my views. Xllnc, which now even includes SuppliesTeam, is a well-known and solid player in the market and known for having a great employee-environment. When I saw the job-listing for a Product Manager for Accessories, I felt that I was well suited for the job, and as I’m sitting here now, it seems like Xllnc came to the same conclusion!


· What does a challenging project consist of according to you?


To me, a challenging project consists of several different elements. It must be a task that I feel that I have the knowledge, or can easily acquire the competence, to complete. Preferably with specific points and a desired outcome. To me personally, it’s important that the project has a significant value, and will lead to a clear improvement over status quo, and not just a project that someone feels that needs to be done, that will not lead to any changes. Ideally, the project should have a fixed, but accomplishable deadline.


· You set up goals on what to accomplish in your private life too, tell us.


Of course I do! Family first! Making sure that my family is safe, healthy and happy is my utmost priority. Being a husband and a father of two beautiful children it is essential for my own happiness to see them grow and develop, being the best versions of themselves they can possibly be. When the aforementioned is accomplished, I can start focusing on myself, spending some alone-time worshiping my hobbies which include building and flying drones, skiing, biking and playing golf.


Having a stimulating job with great colleagues is also important, considering how much time we spend at work. If you’re not happy at work, you won’t be able to have a happy personal life either!


· What is your focus in the meeting with a customer?


“The customer is always right!” My main focus when meeting with a customer, is to listen to their needs and feedback. What and how can we improve to ensure the customer’s loyalty to Xllnc and even increase our “share of wallet”. This could be anything from better prices to response-time when the customer contacts us, or product assortment. However, it is also important to focus on what we do well, and make sure that we continue to do these things well, and not only focus on what we can/must improve. Listening to the customer’s needs might enable us to find new areas where we can do business together, and highlight areas of interest where we can help, where we are not currently providing our services and/or products.


· How would you like to help Xllnc to develop e-commerce?


First of all, I believe that the webshop/e-commerce platform should be built to ease the workload of both our salesforce and the customer. It should be easy to find what you are looking for, and the shopping-experience should be as easy, self-explanatory and straight forward as possible. My first priority is to do my best to simplify the process for the customer, so that they can find what they need, and place the order, all through our webshop, without having to go to a competitor’s website first to find the right product before searching again in our webshop. Neither should it be necessary to contact our salesforce for help to find products (unless the customer is unsure of what product suits their needs of course). So my focus is to make sure we have relevant products available in our webshop, and to improve on existing functionality to simplify the process of finding the right products for your needs, no matter if you are browsing through the hierarchy or making a free-text search.