Small details make every-day life work seamless

Operation Manager Anders Tränk is in charge of securing and developing Xllnc processes and procedures, in order to support and manage both existing and new customers as efficiently as possible. Anderstrank2.jpg- My responsibility is to ensure that the Order/Admin, Purchase and Warehouse departments have got the right procedures and processes, but also a well optimized team to bring the best service to our customers. 

Can you tell more about the organization from your role and perspective?  

- Absolutely, at the department for warehousing there are three team leaders responsible for all day-to-day contact with our customers, at the department for order/admin, there are three people who maintain daily contact with Xllnc customers. There is a third department with in my responsibility, Purchase in which I´m acting as the team leader. 

What´s most important in the role of a team leader? 

- The main task , from my point of view, is to provide the best conditions for the team members to work together. With a well functional team we create the best conditions for a successful relationship with our customersThe function of the team affects how well our organization operates in everyday lifeThe more purchases made in the right way the healthier and better we are as a company. 

Hodo you build a team? 

- There is a lot of ways to make a team work together. One of them is to have the team members sit closely together. Another way to make team-building easier is to have clear and written instructions for each and every customer and make them accessible to everyone in the team. It might sound simple, but it is these small details that make every-day life work seamless, no matter who is handling the case. 

Another thing is communication. It´s crucial that we listen to one another and help each other out so no one will have to do all the work by themselves. To work transparent and be responsive is the key. 

What´s critical in building a successful team? 

- I believe that clear processes on how to handle a customer are vital. Anything from where to place an order to the interactions and communication between people. To know each other’s customers is also important, in order to prevent a backlog when someone in the team is on leave. 

You have an extensive experience in team-building from the world of sports, tell us! 

- For many years I was coaching and played both floorball and soccer. When I started working at Xllnc I realized that three of my new colleges also were playing floorball while I was active in the women's Floorball team as a coach. It´s great to work together, there are a lot of team-building similarities within the corporate world and the world of sports.  

What drives you as a leader?

- To see individuals´ grow one by one and together as a team. I think that is one of the best thing you can experience as a leader, when we find that little kick that makes an impact and leads to progress. Also, a good and friendly environment at work is important, that is probably the most important thing. It´s only then when you are able to deliver results, even in challenging situations. 

The year has just started, looking ahead Xllnc 2018 what do you see?

- I see a pretty tough year ahead of us with some new challenges. With that said, challenges are something positive, it means that we are moving forward and that Xllnc is developing and expanding. We have some organizational changes to do related to our new pick function, in order for it to harmonize with orders/purchases and inventory. In 2018, wwill also implement a new large customer which will put our processes at peak to make sure we have the right conditions to receive such a large customer. 

How do you prepare for new customers? 

- We've just started our first meetings and in this phase, it´s important to rely on what we´ve achieved in 2017. That work will support us in implementing our new customers in the best way in 2018. I´m positive it will work out wellbut as I said, it's always a challenge with a new large implementation.  

I can imagine challenges is something that triggers you?  

- Before I started, I knew Xllnc was in a phase of expansion and the role that I was offered in the process seemed important. I´m absolutely triggered by challenges, that's why I chose to join Xllnc at that time. 


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