How multimedia can take the conference room to the next level

Meetings… Love them or hate them, they are more important than ever. As the modern office worker has transformed into a work anywhere, anytime way of working, with flexible locations and work hours, the only continued reason to show up at the office is to meet with colleagues and customers. This has made meeting spaces and conference rooms even more important than before. At the same time the advances in technology have created new demands on what should be possible to do in a meeting room. But those advances have also reached the multimedia solutions used in conference rooms. Today’s modern AV-technology not only meets the demands, it will also improve the conference room itself, making presentations and collaborations a productive joy. Here’s how.


A room with a purpose

In the old days of meeting technology (which basically means just a few years ago), multimedia solutions were huge and heavy. Once installed, they stayed a part of the building. But as we all know, technology has become smaller and more lightweight. Screens, cameras, microphones and speakers are much less bulky and far more effective today. This creates more flexibility in how we can use the conference room. It’s much easier to tailor a meeting room to the needs of the organisation. Do we need to brainstorm around this project? Get the interactive whiteboard that makes it easy to collaborate, contribute and share, digitally and with wireless connectivity. Does anyone need to give a presentation? Bring out the retractable screen with the push of a button, clip on the wireless mic, and let the speakers hidden in the ceiling provide a clear and pleasant audio experience reaching every participant in the room. Is one team in need of a brainstorming session at the same time as the other team hold a presentation? Just roll the interactive whiteboard into any other available room, and it becomes a meeting room.


With modern multimedia solutions it’s easy to adapt the conference room to current needs, without having to fill the space with so much bulky technology and cables that it’s impossible to fit any humans in the room as well. These modern AV-solutions are integrated, mostly invisible, flexible, stable, intuitive, and most of all easy to use. Instead of a bunch of different remotes (that usually get lost or run out of batteries) there’s a simple control panel or a dashboard controlling everything in the room. The benefits of these smart conference rooms are that they eliminate the usual tech trouble (causing frustration and stealing valuable time) at the same time as they create a collaborative environment where co-workers can find what they need to be productive with a tap of their fingertip.


Meeting face to face with remote workers

The mobile technology revolution has made it very common for employees to work remotely. When we said that the only reason to show up at the office was to participate in meetings, we forgot to consider that growing part of the workforce that doesn’t even live where their employer is based. To get the best talent a lot of companies hire remote talent and let them work from their homes via mobile technology. That talent is not going to jump on a plane to get to a meeting. But teleconferencing technology has also made huge leaps. While it is possible to have a tele-conference with just your mobile device or laptop, connecting co-workers and teammates wherever they may be via their own technology, there are multimedia solutions that can solve more challenges than that. Hub-solutions equipped with wide-angle cameras for full videoconferencing view, file sharing features, and seamless integration with team software like Microsoft Teams, make remote collaborations as smart and effective as if everyone was in the same room.


Simple connectivity

The modern solutions also make the confusion about how to connect what device to what AV-technology into a thing of the past. There’s no need to get frustrated and confused about different cables and interfaces when there’s wireless connections from multiple devices. When employees can connect their devices to the AV-tech in the conference room, it will unlock the power of hassle-free collaboration. When a purposeful meeting environment with smart multimedia-technology meets the connected and tech-savvy workforce, it will not only result in better meetings and presentations – it will foster great teamwork, better productivity, and more success. Who said that meetings are where productivity goes to die?