Xllnc innovoation hub Foxway is now a part of IoT Sweden, funded by VINNOVA, Formas and Energimyndigheten

Foxway Vinnova IoT

Internet of Things Swedens´ Board has taken the decision to adopt Xllnc sister company Foxway as party in IoT Sweden. 

network-782707_1280.pngIOT Swedens focus is on the IoT for an innovative society done through collaboration between public organizations such as municipalities, companies and researchers.

The starting point of the program is to create the conditions for sustainable solutions for global societal challenges and international competitiveness through collaboration.

Foxway as a party in Sweden is given the ability to affect the focus.

IOT, Sweden is a strategic innovation programme financed by VINNOVA, the Swedish Research Council Formas, the Swedish Energy Agency Energimyndigheten. 

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