It´s important to be proactive, have the solution before it´s recognized as a problem by the customer

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With extensive experience in both the purchase and sales area, Josefine Mendel has found a platform that combines that expertise in the role as Delivery Manager at Xllnc.  

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- Its extremely stimulating and rewarding to be able to use several of my previous skills in my role today. With experience in sales, I have not just an understanding of how our Key Account Managers work, but can also contribute with my knowledge and make the business more profitable through business development.

Explain your role at Xllnc? 

As Delivery Manager Im responsible for the operational management, we are set to ensure the everyday process of delivery, including contact with both the supplier and the end-customer to ensure thatXllnc meet the quality our customers expect.   

If we start with the customer perspective. How do you work with your customers today? 

- For me as a Delivery manager its important to work proactively to find solutions to challenges before the customer has experienced a problem. We have meetings with our customers on a weekly basis to get an overview and status for all deliveries. 

Things can always change, not the least within our customers own organization. It can be anything from wanting to change suppliers to a scale up situation with a need to expand the orders. 

This kind of changes effects the supply chain and its my responsibility to be on top on the situation so we can be one step ahead and act responsive. I ensure that the right products are available in Xllnc inventory to meet our SLA agreement, and preferably even better.  

Xllnc measures customer satisfaction through Xllnc Quality Pulse (XQP) where you as Delivery Managers have a key role. Can you describe your role in this process? 

- Its true. Delivery Managers is what you call a single Point of Contact (SPOC) in this chain, the node for the entire supply chain. The foundation of my work is relation-oriented and a starting point. If our customers have a challenge or incident, it is incredibly important that I help and solve it quickly and smoothly.  

How do you work with incidents? 

- I strongly believe that to get the best results youll have to turn the incident into something positive, I can give you an example. One of our customers ordered a phone that had to be delivered on a specific date. We met the date criteria but for some reason it was delivered at the wrong corporate office. What I did then was to first examine the inventory status at Xllnc. I quickly realized that we did not have that specific model in stock. Instead I went to Machuset, a local Apple dealer in the centre of Växjö, picked out the very last model available in their inventory, and drove to Lenhovda. An hour later at the customer site I could personally deliver the phone to the man that had ordered it. 

Wow, how was the feedback? 

- It was very positive, he gave me a gold star and felt that Xllnc had turned the whole situation around. Things like this really motivates me, my goal is always to make our customers as satisfied as possible. Like this: if our company goal is to have a 3 in the XQP score, I strive to get 4. 

I know that you are into sports and exercise. Do you have the same attitude there, to push the limit for your performance?  

Yes, I believe I do. After my pregnancies, I started training three weeks after giving birth. If I want a change I make sure to create it. I dont wait for things to happen, I like to do it at once without thinking too much. I'm spontaneous, quick and very result-oriented.  

The Xllnc Way includes some of what weve talked about. Which parts of our values do you think describes you the best?  

We work closely with our decision-makers and are expected to be both accountable and to take actions. This aligns perfectly with my personality as I thrive to be more efficient.   

I always try to arrive at work with a positive attitude. I know it easily rubs off on others and contributes to a better atmosphere in the team. I think all parts of "The Xllnc Way" fits my personality and that is one of the reasons why I Iove my job.  


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