My task is to identify our customers' challenges, needs and future opportunities


Xllnc can make everyday life easier by optimizing organizations workflows by using smart products and services. The aim is to create order amongst thousands of devices to provide cost efficiency in a secure and environmentally friendly manner. Meet our Key Account Manager Ann Bengtsson.

Bild Ann.jpgCan you describe your role as Key Account Manager, what are your specific responsibilities?

- As a KAM I have the commercial responsibility towards our customers. My task is to identify our customers' challenges, needs and future opportunities. Therefore, it is important to work closely with our customer to get an overall picture and understand the organization, needs and where they are heading.

How do you work together with other employees and departments in the company?

- I work closely with both our Product Specialists and Delivery Managers that are in charge of the operational work with our customers. Since Xllnc is a very flat organization, employees from different departments are constantly in contact with each other. This is something that adds value, efficiency and dynamic to the organization and workplace.

You have been working in several different roles at Xllnc since the company was formed 2011. Tell us about it!

- It has been and still is very rewarding. It has allowed me to get to know the company inside out. I started out as the Head of Xllnc Orders/Purchases and in the process laid the foundation for our long-term partnership. Many customers are still with us which indicates that Xllnc’s way of working is a successful concept. Thereafter, I became Head of Delivery Management. 

When I had been Director for a few years I wanted to concentrate solely on the customer relationship in the role as a Key Account Manager. 

Xllnc was formed by a merge of the two companies Printure and Nicator, where you came from Nicator, what was your role there?

- Mainly I was in the field of customer care, which is my passion, to have the customer in focus.

I also had the privilege to get management education through work. At this time Nicator was a small company, which gave me the opportunity to work in a variety of different roles that were fun and challenging.

During one period Nicator grew rapidly, it became more structured and several organizational changes were made. It was a fun and exciting journey, similar to where Xllnc is today.

Is the role that you have and the place you are at today coherent with your studies?

- I have studied economics and technology and my great passion is people. I can see clear traces of this when I look back on my career and what has driven me forward. The common thread through my professional schooling life is economy, technology and people. I also have a large commitment to the environment. I feel that I am never "fully qualified", instead, I have always strived for continuous development and new goals.

My job is to present and propose Xllnc solutions for both our existing and prospective clients. Xllnc services can make everyday life easier, through optimizing organizations’ workflows. It is about how our services create order and control among thousands of devices and how it provides cost-efficiency in a secure and environmentally friendly manner.

I know you love to travel and that you do it several times a year. Is it meeting with new cultures and people that attract?

- Yes, no doubt. I love to travel, it is a way for me to develop and grow as a person. It is good luck to meet new cultures, learn about the history of countries and meet people from all corners of the globe.

What is it about Xllnc that makes you stick around year after year?

- It is the lovely atmosphere in the company as well as the fact that freedom with responsibility is not just empty words, but it is a part of the culture. Instead of changing employers, I have gained the ability to change roles in a company that is constantly evolving to meet the future. 

I also think it is extremely inspiring that there are so many young people in the company. To follow them and watch them grow and develop is inspiring, as I had the same privilege myself. It has been and still is important for me to be in a company that invests in its employees.

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