Welcome Fredrik Spilsberg, Vice President Workspace!

· Your background is within Device-as-a-Service, why did you choose that particular path?

There was no direct choice, I started with computers at a young age, interest has always been there, even during the time of "commodore 64" I was extremely active, my mother always wondered why I set up all nights but since then I have been hooked. At that time, it was an honor to own a computer, today it is a matter of course to be productive and now the challenge is simplicity, accessibility and control with the lowest environmental impact that is the challenge.

· What were you doing before you got into the IT industry?

Before I started in the industry, I learned to walk, I was born in the industry with a father who was active throughout my childhood. My first real job was at 14 years age as a technician at Tulip Computers warehouse where i made pre-configuration of computers before delivery.


· Why did you choose Xllnc?

My absolute conviction is that Xllnc has the right employees and culture to succeed. Xllnc is a group that has quick decisions and a desire to challenge the market with new technology and service offerings. I feel incredibly welcome and look very much forward to being able to contribute and participate in the Group's continued growth.

· What does a challenging project consist of according to you?

A challenging project is to turn a negative trust into positive, you need to be humble in front of tasks and deliver something extra in each contact.


· You set up goals on what to accomplish in your private life too, tell us.

My individual goal is to be a present dad to give my wife and my two girls a safe and good environment to grow up into a challenging world. I want to give my family good values and experience the positive things I have had in my childhood.


· What is your focus in the meeting with a customer?

Listen and understand the real needs. Getting satisfied customers who spread the message about a good experience is the best opportunity to develop the company.

· How would you like to help Xllnc to develop device as a service?

With long experience from the industry always with the device and associated services in focus and high ambition to get things done. We have great opportunities to be a leader in the digitization transformation to service-based delivery of user-related IT products and services.