What does techno, fishing and cats got to do with real and trusting customer relations?

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Johan Byström is Xllnc new Key Account Manager and as a track record in building secure and long-term business relationships 

JOhan bylundHi Johan and welcome to Xllnc. 

- Thank you Ninni, it feels very good to be here! 

You previously come from Dustin where you held a position as Key Account Manager for print in the public sector and major private companies in 4.5 years. Before that your woked as Key Account Manager at Toshiba, you are educated at IHM as Key Account Manager. What are your driving force? 

- Number one, I really enjoy creating relationships with people and this is even more fun when it renders in business. I am a very social person with a focus on building long term relationships. The customer must feel that he or she wants to do business, it's essential. 

What is your focus in the meeting with a customer? 

- It depends, all individuals are different, and that is the most basic understanding when building relationships. If it is a new or an existing customer makes a difference. As far as new relationships, it's always about building trust between the parties. It´s important to not go about to hard and not peddle the image of the typical salesperson. 

The kind of sales I´m work with is about business that operate for the long period of time so the relationships has to be sustainable. It´s crucial to get to know the customer and give him or her the opportunities to get to know me and the company. In my field the customer rarely replace their supplier, so you have to be sensitive, listen to understand weather the customer is satisfied with their current situation or not.  

With existing customers, it´s different because there is already a trust and relationship build. Because of this it is of course an easier journey to maintain the relationship and get to meet the right people. 

How come you got specialized in print? 

- In the past my dad used to run a office document business in Örnsköldsvik and Härnösand. Through his contacts, he helped me get a job in Stockholm and since then I´ve stayed in the industry, I enjoy it.  

But another reasons your move from Härnösand (Örnsköldsvik?) to Stockholm was the music, tell us! 

  • It´s true, I love music and simply wanted to have access to a larger range of music and concerts. The music was actually the primary reason for coming to Stockholm. I have a passion for music. 

And you write your own music? 

- Yes, I write and produce electronic dance music in my studio at home and feel free to go to London, Berlin, Ibiza or Miami where music supply is greatest and where an old Fox like me easily blend in among like-minded people of all ages. Sweden and Stockholm are small and the crowd relatively young which makes travel abroad more appealing. Since I have a family and two girls who get most of the time after job, planning for international travel becomes an important parameter. 

Do you see any connection between music and sales?  

- Yes, music is something that everyone has a relationship to and I have a general and broad interest in different musical styles, thus I can reach people quite easily.  Fishing, hockey, and cats are other interests of mine that tops the list. Since my special interests are real and at the same time things that interests people in general, it's a nice starting point to build relationships. Good and long-term business must be authentic. 

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