Xllnc recruits two top names for its board

Xllnc continues to expand. The company’s board is now being strengthened by two top names with extensive international experience: Suzana Drakulic from Tieto and Marika af Enehjelm, a professional investor in growth strategies.

“There is currently a great opportunity for Xllnc to take a significant share of the Nordic market. But what I think is most interesting is that the services already have full global capacity and reach. Xllnc already has more than ten large international customers. We alone set the limits for what we can achieve,” says Suzana Drakulic.

She and Marika af Enehjelm have recently been elected as new members of the Xllnc board. The company, which was founded in 2010, specialises in IT services associated with the individual employee’s workstation, such as PCs, tablets, mobiles, meeting rooms and so on.

“Suzana and Marika will strengthen our operation thanks to their extensive experience and expertise in global IT services. We are now even better prepared to develop what we do, which is to transform an entire industry,” says Christer Wallberg, Chairman of the Board at Xllnc.

Xllnc builds up a company’s IT infrastructure in the form of hardware and services and then keeps the resulting structure monitored and optimised. Using market-leading IT support systems, they create added value for their customers by offering valuable tips on issues such as when it is most cost-effective and eco-friendly to change or replace a workstation. The services are delivered on a global basis and are monitored using Xllnc’s fully integrated customer system.

“For me, the eco-friendliness is an important aspect. Xllnc is excellent at asset life cycle management. IT hardware, if not managed correctly, can be a serious burden on the environment, as it contains a number of precious metals and other materials. Reusing hardware and using it for longer thanks to smart strategies ensures significant benefits. Customers can reduce their costs, but it’s an approach that can also create notable benefits for the environment,” says Marika af Enehjelm.

Marika af Enehjelm, originally from Finland, has forged an impressive international career in both private and public equity. For a number of years she has been working in both Frankfurt and London and her speciality is growth strategies.

“What I have been pondering for two decades is how a company with wide-ranging specialist knowledge can commercialise that knowledge better and use it as the basis for growth. I wrote my PhD thesis on the topic, so I have been working on it for quite some time,” she says.

Suzana Drakulic also has an impressive background, having held a number of senior positions. She has worked with a variety of large customers within several different industries. Among other positions, she has spent over ten years in Global Services at British Telecom, where she put together a Solution Sourcing team. Suzana has also worked as a Business Area Manager at Stretch AB and Telia, and most recently held the post of Head of End User Services at Tieto.

“For four years I had the role of a very demanding customer and partner of Xllnc. Now I hope my experience and insights will continue to assist Xllnc in its ongoing growth and development. My focus is on developing the most important factors in terms of values for customers in order to, quite simply, ultimately make them happier and their workstation more efficient,” she says.