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Advice and implementation of important IT decisions


A successful change is largely based on relevant and regular communication during each project. Our dedicated change leaders contribute with both knowledge and ability to support the management by formulating a clear vision, and then creating understanding, acceptance and participation throughout the organization. With continuous planning and follow-up, we contribute to the long-term fulfillment of both visions and goals.


With experienced and driven project managers, we ensure that functionality, delivery reliability and cost efficiency are ensured in every project. Our project manager works according to the customer's model or other agreement. 


Features for business needs

A function is a customized, scalable and clearly defined task that is performed in a quality conscious and efficient manner. Each function consists of one or more employees who deliver exactly what the business needs. An example is Servicedesk, a support function for workplaces, printers and IT operations. The physical location can be with our customer, with ourselves or with an external IT partner.

Productivity at a new level

When the functions are in place, every employee knows their task and has the right knowledge and resources to solve it. No overlap or gap between individuals. It is easy to understand that productivity is reaching new levels, while making it easier to budget and track the cost of each function.

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