Life Cycle Management – Total solutions for PCs, printers and mobile phones

Xllnc Life Cycle Management (LCM) services for the workplace allow you to focus on your core business. We offer packaged services that streamline the management of your hardware’s life cycle – from procurement to upgrade and decommission. We also offer asset management and financing.

We develop applications ourselves, which makes us extremely flexible. As a company we are completely independent and not tied down to any particular hardware manufacturer. We provide products that are really needed.

Thanks to our all-inclusive logistics centre, our central warehouse and our well-established standard processes and methodology, we’re able to work effectively with extremely large and complex project deliveries. And we do so while maintaining the efficiency, flexibility and quality of our solutions.

Xllnc offers LCM solutions in three different areas:

LCM PC/Tablet

We offer a complete, module-based delivery of computers and related services, which is fully customised to your requirements. We’re not dependent on any supplier, which means that, in consultation with our customers, we can offer the hardware which suits them best. Read more about LCM PC/Tablet.

LCM Print

A module-based service which allows you to choose the optimal hardware for your needs. With LCM Print we are able to offer customised printer solutions for managing every stage of the process – from hardware to service, order portals and financing. Read more about LCM Print.

LCM Mobile

Complete, all-inclusive delivery of mobile devices and related services. Xllnc is completely brand-independent and can therefore supply the smartphones you consider most suitable. We also offer flexible and efficient exchange services and loan phones, in case anything should happen to your device. Nobody wants to be without their smartphone nowadays, do they? Read more about LCM Mobile.

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Mattias Nyman