Printing Software – Advanced, personalised solutions for printing

Higher demands are being placed on today´s document and print management systems. That’s why we offer Printing Software – advanced add-on services which complement our Managed Print Services.

Together with our business partner Foxway (partly-owned by Xllnc), we are the leading supplier of applications for multifunction printers, as well as other types of printers. These skills are in high demand.

The technical environment surrounding document and print management is becoming more complex. The products we use are becoming increasingly advanced, while new software, systems and integrations offer us new ways of gaining more control over our printouts. Added to this is the latest requirement of printing directly from smart phones and tablets.

To meet these demands, we ensure that our consultants have cutting-edge expertise – knowledge that traditional print suppliers would not normally possess. In today’s world, we consider this a requirement if we are to identify the personalised tools with which to satisfy the unique needs of each and every customer.

Cloud services for applications

Together with Foxway, we were the first certified company to be allowed to develop global solutions for brands such as Xerox. Subsequently we have integrated other platforms including, for example, Kyocera, Lexmark, Ricoh and Samsung. We have also developed a cloud service for applications, allowing users to manage more advanced processes such as interpreting invoices, authorisation management and storage/archiving, as well as integration with the most common APIs (app-lib). We use this service to maintain our platform-independent deliveries.

Within the scope of Printing Software we are able to offer, for example, help with:

  • Follow me and secure printing
  • Cloud, mobile and device printing
  • Unified printing
  • Reducing print management
  • MFP scanning and configuration
  • MFP device programming and application development
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Anders Brebäck