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Xllnc MPS offers control of all printers throughout their lifecycle 

Xllnc MPS standard content

Xllnc MPS standard content

• Project Management
• Print order portal
• Asset handling
• Installation & configuration
• Network printer device audit
• Print & workflow environment assessment
• Monitoring, break-fix & SLA-reporting
• Server software installation & configuration
• Automatic consumables
• Finance management
• Collection, device end of life management
• Extended security, mobility, workflow and pull print as options



We use a proven three-step approach to deploy MPS:

  • Infrastructure optimization
  • Proactive management
  • Streamlined business processes



  1. The first step is optimizing the output infrastructure. Our industry-specific assessments will take your company quickly from discovery to rollout with placement of printers and multifunction (MFP) products in the right places based on the worker and the job at hand. Intuitive processes can be initiated right from the MFP touch screen, creating a bridge between necessary hard copy and your core business processes.

  2. The next step is proactive management, which provides visibility, continuity and control of your entire fleet of devices, anywhere in the world. Thanks to usage data and analytics, the need for consumables is automatically detected and the appropriate workflow is started. Our system ensures devices are up and running when and where our customers need them.

  3. Finally, we use analytics, best practices and a combination of output, content and process management technology to create automated workflow solutions that streamline cumbersome paper-dependent processes, resulting in improved access to information, enhanced productivity and the reduction of print.



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