Collaboration (AV)

What do your meeting-rooms look like? 

Do you stumble on loose cables scattered across the floor ?

Are you repeatedly stressed and frustrated about low-resolution videos, delays, and other quality-related issues?

Today, 69 % of workers feel that their meetings are unproductive and time wasting. Make sure that your organization has a meeting room solution that boosts collaboration rather than hindering it.

We offer worry free meeting room management

Xllnc provides a complete solution for your organizations meeting room needs. The service provides everything you need including equipment, consulting, design, planning, installation and support during the entire lifecycle.

We offer

Meeting Room Solution

Standardized meeting room solution aligned with the business needs. We help you cover your strategic areas such as IT Strategy, premises, workspace environment, daily operations and future collaboration goals.

Type Rooms

Together, we will create a set of standardized Type Rooms designed for the different user collaboration needs of your business. A Type Room provides a standard set of functionalities.


Every room will be assessed, and the right certified equipment will be used to address the needs specific to that space. In addition, all equipment will be managed during its entire life cycle.

Worry free Meeting Rooms – Wherever, whenever.

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