We give you full control

Our simple, flexible financing solutions give you full control over both your IT equipment and your costs

Xllnc Finance’s standardised financing solution is part of our Life Cycle Management service, but can also be applied separately. In simple terms, our solution is based upon helping you create and administer a stable and financially advantageous rental arrangement. We provide a financial backer and take care of all the details – from order to installation to product upgrades.  

Focus on your business

Do you need to move hardware between departments or to a subsidiary, or perhaps swap out equipment? We’ll fix that so you can focus on your business and make valuable cost-savings thanks to the minimal administration involved.

As a purchaser of this service, you set up a general contract with Xllnc Finance, along with a tripartite contract including the financial backer. A contract is also first established between Xllnc Finance and the backer – that gives us the right to handle all the administra-tion to do with the general contract. Then we send you the monthly invoice, including rental and any service costs.

Clear division of responsibilities

Simple and flexible administration is one of the advantages of using our financing solution. Another is the clear division of responsibilities. With our total solution, you really only need to contact one person.

Want to know more?

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