The Xllnc Way

We're passionate about making your digital work life easier

We are convinced a healthy enterprise culture is the key to successful results – for our customers and for ourselves. This approach we call - The Xllnc Way.

Xllnc most important resources are our employees, therefore we work every day to ensure we have a superior working environment. We know this is key in shaping a culture in which every employee can grow and develop and be committed to our customers' success.

Important evaluation work

Our employees' commitment is the result of an ongoing valuation work and It can be summed up with a well-known phrase: freedom with responsibility. For Xllnc this means, among other things, that we:

  • Prioritise activities that produce results
  • Dare to make decisions
  • Communicate directly and effectively
  • Always strive towards being more efficient

It also means that we:

  • Respect and learn from each other
  • Have fun together and celebrate successes – large and small
  • Take pride in each other – and show it!


The group of companies are continuesly improving and developing the environment and quality to our customers as well as internally at the company. Xllnc Nordic holds certification for quality and environmental management systems, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001.

Work environment policy

Workplaces and working conditions at Xllnc shall be perceived as good by all employees. All applicable rules and regulations are followed and the occupational safety and health regulations on internal control of the working environment shall apply.

Security policy

Xllnc conducts an active preventive safety work in order to minimize risk and maximize security for our employees, for the company and the company's partners and customers. Our intention is to comply with all applicable regulatory requirements and rules.

An attractive workplace

Our aim is to be perceived as an attractive and stimulating workplace for all employees.

We work continuously with diversity and strive to have the right kind of leadership and conditions to create a better working environment, which in turn contributes to greater innovation capacity and increased creativity.