Webinar - Apple in your organisation

2 April 2020 9 a.m.

Give every employee the opportunity to get even better with iPhone, iPad and Mac.

When employees have access to tools they like, they become happier and more engaged. That's why more and more companies are switching to using Apple.

Welcome to our webinar where you have the opportunity to learn how to implement Apple in your business.

With new models for supporting and deploying Apple products in the workplace, it's easier than ever for any business to give employees the opportunity to choose Apple at work. We show how!

The event is of course free of charge.


When we talk about the concept of VIP (Verktyg (Tools), Innehåll (Content) and Process) we talk about a unity.

What is the best tool for your employees? What content does the user need from a purely technical point of view, and which applications best match the user's needs? For the process, how do you make the best use of digital tools?

With change management, process development and education, we make sure to streamline, improve and strengthen your business.

The seminar will be held in swedish!

  • Employee Choice
  • VIP


Thursday 2 April 2020
09.00 - 09.45 a.m.


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