How do we create structures and processes to embrace and support innovation in our organisation

    Everyone is talking about the neccessity of innovation, but how do we transform talking into practice?

    In order to better understand the organization's strengths and capabilities for innovation Xllnc has partnered up with Innovation360 to complete an Innovation Assessment. To get the full picture management, co-workers and external stakeholders answered questions about the organization's strategy, capabilities, leadership, process and culture for innovation. The result guided Xllnc decision to implementation an innovation management system, roles and responsibilities and the ideation360 platform, explains Victor Uland CTO.

    We meet up with Sofie Lindblom, Chief Evangelist at Innovation360 and responsible for the ideation360 platform. Innovation360 is a global company with the mission to support organizations all over the world to strengthen their capabilities for innovation through data, technology, methodology and tools. The idea to develop the ideation360 platform was born from the frustration of not being able to support the innovation process at scale over time without extensive admin work. Sofie Lindblom faced this challenge in her previous role as global innovation manager at Spotify. Together with Innovation360 she started the subsidiary ideation360 to help organizations make innovation a habit by supporting the full innovation process.

    For Xllnc, implementing the Ideation360 platform and way of working, has in a short time generated several ides for innovation and concrete areas for development in the time horizon of 1-3 years to future proof the company, says Mattias Nyman Head of Marketing & Product Management.

    In this podcast episode Sofie shares best practices and tips for organization who want to walk the talk when it comes to Innovation.

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    - Our mission is to help organizations build an innovative capacity, so they can grow and make profit in a sustainable way. We think that in doing this, organizations with big muscles will contribute to addressing the UN global development goals for 2030.  

    Sofie Lindblom, Funder & CEO Ideation360