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MiaFia Axelsson is the real estate agent who change her career path into becoming a project manager in the IT industry. 

- It was actually a bit of a coincidence. After I finished my schooling in project management at Teknikhögskolan I looked into different possibilities and industrieMiaFia.jpg and when was recommended to Dustin, I decided to try it, and got stuck.  who changed Career path into becoming

Welcome to Xllnc MiaFia! 

- Thank you! 

Your educational background is within agile project management, why did you choose that particular educational path? 

- The market trend pointed towards a more agile approach to management, and I thought it sounded interesting. The education wasn't all about agile processes though, we learn traditional project management as well. It´s important to have an understanding and have a knowledge of both methodologies since organizations function differently and have different processes. Some companies may implement most of an agile approach while others need a more traditional way of management that consists in more structure and control.  

What is the difference between the various methods? 

- Generally you can say that in traditional project management everything is determined before the launch, it´s pretty solid and controlled. Whereas in agile project management there is always space to integrate insights during the course of the work. 

What were you doing before you got into the IT industry? 

- I worked as a real estate agent. Before that I was in the health care industry and if we go further back in time I used to work in customer service responsible for complaints 

I can imagine you were used to deal with stressed and perhaps upset people? 

-Yes, when I was handling complaints people were usually upset and angry when they communicated via email, but when we called them they had a completely different tone of voice, so I always used to call them up. It is important to create a positive conversation in all professions I believe.  

 Why did you choose Xllnc? 

- The company seems to be a great place to work with a flat organization while at the same time structured. As a project manager I´m triggered by successful results and satisfied customers, but also by exciting and challenging projects. I believe I have that opportunity here at Xllnc. 

What does a challenging project consist of according to you? 

- It´s always stimulating to learn something new and to do that it´s important to be in a context that gives the employee the opportunity to grow.   

You set up goals on what to accomplish in your private life too, tell us.  

- Every year I set goals to reach within that specific year. It includes everything from career and health to different destinations I want to travel to. One year I decided that I was going to hit golf balls on a golf ranch. Next time I'll hire someone who can help me how to swing.  

- When I specify my goals in the beginning of the year they are easy-to-follow up. Practicing my Spanish is a repetitive goal tough, meaning it´s on my to-do-list every year.   

To find an exciting new job was one of your goals last year I presume? 

- That's right, it was. I also had the goal to move, change apartment which I did, and I am now living together with my boyfriend. 

So, you have clear goals in life, how agile do you allow yourself to be? 

- I'm probably quite agile in my way of living. If I stumble upon something during the year that I want to do, of course I do it. I'm not a stiff kind of person, I love spontaneity and think it's very important. 

Is there anything else in your yearly plans that recur from year to year, in addition to Spanish? 

- Yes, traveling is always on the list. I had the opportunity to go on a vacation a week in Mauritius this January and was recently in Berlin. My next trip might be to Nice. 

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