We create smart and successful meetings now and in the future.

Count on us

We are with you all the way and offer product knowledge, service, dedication and complete functional solutions.


It is not the easiest thing in the world to move an entire office. We are here to help you with everything you need in terms of technology, telecommunications, and interior design.


You can count on us from the start of your move as we help with planning and interior design to make it as easy, affordable, and as smart as possible.


We offer a complete range of state of the art AV equipment and multimedia that is installed beautifully by our skilled technicians.

Happy customers

We make sure that our customers are satisfied and that they can have efficient meetings without having to think about technology.



Moving or renovating a conference room can feel anxious. In addition to all the fuss and mess with screens, speakers, cord harnesses and other AV technology to be disconnected and then reinstalled, it is usually also obvious that time has run out of technology.

The solutions that were newest and best when you once started using the meeting room now find it difficult to work together with the meeting participants' portable technology, and no longer meet the needs you have for efficient and comfortable meetings. New solutions and ideas are needed.

We have them.



The best way to create smart and effective solutions for the new conference room is to do good preliminary work.

A good partner comes in early in the project to plan and optimize your new solutions. We use all our knowledge, experience and understanding of our customers' needs to develop a comprehensive solution that saves time, money and eliminates hassle, and allows you to hold effective meetings now and in the future.



We offer a complete range of AV equipment.
We can help you with:

  • Audio and projector solutions that are a pleasure for all senses
  • Interactive tools such as smartboards, making meetings more fun, more educational and with results about are easier to share and save
  • Smart solutions for telephone and video meetings that connect people wherever they are
  • Easy to use control systems so you can have a meeting without pondering how the technology is handled
  • AV furnishings that integrate the technology into stylish and practical interior solutions.

Service and support

Service and support

The most important thing about conference equipment is that it is always in place and works flawlessly when you need it. By signing a service and support agreement, you get the most out of your investment and feel confident that the equipment will always meet your needs.

To help you with a conference room that always offers successful meetings, we offer different service agreements tailored to your needs. Among other things, we offer different levels of preventive service on site where we go through all the equipment, sound and image adjustments, cabling etc. as well as continuous service levels where we send out a technician who troubleshoots and if possible rectifies the error. We can also take care of existing conference equipment and technology installed by other suppliers.

They understood the needs of our meeting rooms and offered solutions that were both simple, stylish and affordable. I gained confidence in my contact person who was very knowledgeable and solution oriented.

Victoria Lindgren
Office Manager, Jurek AB

"We got a very good product review and training. The signed service agreement is also a security for us. Knowing that Xllnc is fast, efficient and available when we need them ”

Lena Winterros
Facility Manager, Resursbank

Do you get a headache when it's time to move or renovate the conference room? All the mess of technology that needs to be moved and reinstalled and updated to meet new needs can feel messy and overwhelming.

Forget that headache. This need not be a problem, but a golden opportunity to create a new, fresh conference room with modern solutions that create smart and successful meetings now and in the future. With a partner who is with you all the way and offers product knowledge, service, commitment and complete functional solutions, the move or renovation will be the big step towards better meetings where the participants are in focus.

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