Global Accounts



Our focus is to optimize the logistics and the asset management for ICT assets to global enterprises

To meet this challenge, we have invested in leading integration solutions and partnered up with market leaders within the major ICT brands.


Deployment Services

We aim to automate all tasks that can be automated. Think Self-Service for the employees and Zero touch for the IT department. With our Deployment Services concept, which ranges from re-packaging of bundled products to fully login ready PCs, we deliver computers direct to the employees – globally. This saves time, money and reduce the delivery time. Our capacity is 4500 shipments per day.



Our mantra is to remove all manual processes between the customers, Xllnc and all our partners. Therefore, we have invested in many types of integration tools to fully utilize API´s between ourselves and our clients. Our industry leading Enterprise Service Bus solution enables cost saving, effectivity and control on a global level with all IT assets – This is our NXT platform.


B2B Portals

Xllnc Global is based in the e-commerce hub in Scandinavia – Sandefjord, Norway. Our mind-set is always to think how we can optimize existing Supply Chains, as a leading e-commerce company should do. We have developed customized enterprise portals for our customers, with information in real time and SLAs that compete with Europe’s leading e-commerce sites.

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