Asset Value Services

a leading global ITAD with global compliance and present in more than 100 countries

XVR Handles Data Security and Environmental Compliance for global enterprises. Using Innovative integration solutions and asset tracking.

Global Focus

XVR handles several Fortune 300 companies globally. Utilizing our main operational HUBs in Asia, EMEA, US and Brazil, we cover more than 100 countries where we collect End-of-life equipment from our customers. All reported in one format using our innovative IT solutions. We integrate with leading ITSM systems such as ServiceNow and other leading ITSM tools.


Value Recovery

After Data Security and Environmental handling, our niche is to recover and optimize the residual value  of the End-of-Life assets for our customers. With more than 20 years’ experience from the ITAD industry, we know how to remarket our customers asset and/or enable them for reallocation or redeployment.


To protect the value, we provide secure lockable roller-cages, onsite collections and decommission of datacenters. +500 000 End-of-life assets will be handled by AVS on behalf of our customers in 2019.

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